The Pregnancy Workout

One of our goals will be to learn how to stretch easily and safely. After all, birth is all about stretching. First your cervix stretches and then your birth canal stretches. If you breathe into the pain, you will find that a lot of your pain is your resistance to it. You will learn to trust your body and realize that your body knows exactly what to do.
In this class you will meet other women with similar interests. You will be able to talk about what is going on in your lives, how to make the best of your situation and do group problem solving. In addition we will prepare for a healthy pregnancy, an easier labor and a quick recovery.

Pregnant Twist
This is a unique program designed to help pregnant women improve comfort and develop body awareness. Women are encouraged to enjoy their changing shape and to develop good posture and breathing habits. In addition to strengthening the key muscles stressed in childbearing (the abdominals and pelvic floor) the gentle flowing movements will stretch, condition and relax the whole body.

pregnant backstretch

Pregnant Twist

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