The New Mother’s Workout Schedule

I am trying to start a group class. I have 3 people interested and would like to have 6. If you are interested
please call or email me. This class would be on Fridays at 1pm. 
I also do private classes. This is especially important if you have a diastasis.
This is a splitting of the rectus abdominous muscle, the 6 pack abs. I have had great success with helping heal this. If you are uncertain
whether you have this condition please schedule an appointment with me. 
510 644 2066

Driving Directions:

From the Richmond Bridge:

Exit at University Avenue. Stay on University until Sacramento then turn right. Turn right on Derby Street. (Longfellow Middle School is on the left side of Sacramento at Derby Street).

From the Bay Bridge:

Exit at Ashby Avenue. Stay on Ashby until Sacramento then make a left. Derby is one block past the first traffic light on Sacramento. Turn left onto Derby.

The exercise studio is behind the purple house on the left side of the street. Go down the driveway and through the gate.

1432 Derby Street * Berkeley, California 94702.

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