The New Mother’s Testimony

I would like to recommend Karen Casino's post-natal/new mother's workout. This is the first time I have properly learned how to exercise and breathe while exercising. This is the only form of workout that helped me start to get my body back into shape. The classes are not large (on average 4 people in the class) and Karen is great about ensuring we are properly executing the exercises. She also has free baby care onsite...and the nanny is wonderful. I cannot recommend the classes enough. Kristen Avini

I have been taking a pilates class with Karen Casino for the past few months. I needed help after ending up with diastasis recti (stomach muscles separated down the middle) during my second pregnancy. Karen knows a lot about the body, muscles, and alignment. She has taught me about my own body and has helped me rebuild my stomach muscles. She has also been able to figure out what causes various pains in my back, foot, hips and address them (so I no longer have those pains). She is very patient and good natured. I recommend her very highly! Kate


Karen has an excellent understanding of the human body, and in particular, the woman's body, especially after pregnancy and giving birth. I thought I was fairly knowledgeable about my body but she taught me so much! She educated me about the muscles and bones that need extra attention after giving birth. I felt so much more loose and stronger after her classes.

To top the great exercise class, she has a babysitter onsite to watch the babies when the moms are exercising. We follow up with baby dance and infant massage. My son loved both of them. As a matter of fact, I use the baby dance to sooth him when he's not happy! Susan Cole

The New Mother's Workout at Karen's home studio was a warm and relaxing place to go with baby for much needed attention to my post natal body. Karen was always careful to make herself aware of each mother and her individual needs with each class. Which was helpful in that I did not have to feel I would over do it. At the same time, by the end of the series I was amazed at how well I felt and how much stronger my body had become. Ann Yoste


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