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Private Sessions in Berkeley, CA, from Karen Casino

Karen Casino has a variety of classes, but she also offers private sessions in Berkeley, CA. Below is client testimony about Karen and her massage practice. Take a look and contact Body Work By Karen Casino to book an appointment.

I began private sessions with Karen when my twins were fifteen months old. My only regret is that I didn’t see her sooner.

After three pregnancies and a year of little exercise or sleep, I felt like a stranger in my own body. Karen quickly assessed that I had a diastasis caused by my twin pregnancy and an unhappy pelvis (excuse my lack of medical language.) At the time of this review, I have had five private sessions with Karen and have five more scheduled. I can’t believe how much better I feel already.

Karen is a wonderful teacher who customizes her knowledge of Pilates and anatomy for each student. She is very clear and gives specific exercise assignments to follow at home, which are doable and simple to fit into a busy schedule. Her gentle demeanor is assuring and positive. I highly recommend private sessions with Karen.

I strongly recommend Karen Casino for her skill and care as a one-on-one Pilates instructor and as a body worker.
I am a 68 year old woman living in Berkeley, California. I was referred to Karen by a friend during my recovery from a fall six months ago from a ten foot ladder when I broke both heels. By the time I began working with Karen I had graduated from my to months in a wheelchair and a month plus on crutches. I was learning to walk again and finding that I was quite wobbly and had various new discomforts in my feet, ankles, knees and back. I have now had four sessions tailored to my particular needs, each of which has been extremely helpful. I have made notable progress in my walking and in my comfort and fluidity of movement, walking, sitting and lying down.
Each time I go to Karen, we work together on a number of exercises which are preparing for strengthening my very weak core. Other related exercises involve opening up my tight back and shoulders, issues which date back to my teens. We work on the floor, on a roller and sitting up. Each time Karen assesses my walking and also the comparative length of my two legs. We review the exercises she has assigned me (with sheets for home use), and add new exercises as I progress. In the last 15- 20 minutes of our time together, she does body work which is also extremely helpful. I really look forward to that unique addition to the session,
Karen is patient with my stiffness, and difficulty with learning new exercises. She has a sense of humor and is kind and experimental in breaking down the challenges so I can progress in my own way. I am very grateful to her for her work with me and look forward with enthusiasm to my weekly appointments. If I could, I would work with her every day!!!
 Karen and Client, Private Sessions in Berkeley, CA

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