Body Work By Karen Casino

Karen Casino, Massage Practice in Berkeley , CA

Therapeutic Exercise and Bodywork in Berkeley, CA

Karen Casino is a registered practitioner of Ortho-Bionomy. a gentle, yet powerful form of bodywork that teaches the body to heal itself. She has maintained a private massage practice in Berkeley, CA since 1981. Since 1992, Karen has been teaching Pilates mat classes. She also has classes for new and expectant mothers. These classes help women find comfort with their changing bodies in pregnancy and restore their bodies after birth. She is also an expert on diagnosing and treating the splitting of the rectus abdominal muscle (the six pack abs) which can happen in pregnancy. This is also known as a diastasis. In addition she works with students on a one on one basis in which she designs a program ideally suited for each student’s needs and does bodywork at the end of each class so after each session you feel well taken care of.

Karen Casino
1432 Derby Street
Berkeley, CA 94702
Studio: 510 644 2066
Cell: 510 604 4920

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